You Did What to My Livestock!?Mature

It's a poem about cows, what more can I say?

Have you ever fucked a cow?

I could imagine it's the same.

But my buddy Nick the farmer says its really pretty lame.

They just stand there in the grass, or even in a ditch.

And it's quite a distant walk if you want to kiss the bitch.


Cow sex is no fun, there's only one position.

 If you try another they'll be calling a mortician.

And dinner with the parents will never set the mood.

If you don't have any hay on you, they're always oh so rude.


But cows can't talk back, so I guess it's not all that bad.

And they'll go for any guy who wears his cowboy boots and plaid.

So get it with a mare, and don't be overzealous.

Just be careful of the jack-ass, they can get quite jealous.






The End

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