You Cannot Fight My Battles

They bring me down,

You pick me up,

I cry upon your shoulder,

They tear me up,

You sit me down,

I feel my hands get colder,

They bind me tight,

You cut me loose,

I once again sit crying,

They see me loose,

You hold me tight,

I'm so fed up of trying,

They're always back,

You then confront,

I will not see you fighting,

They hold there front,

You've got my back,

I breathe my last whilst writing;

"They'll never stop,

You'll never go,

I'll think of you forever,"

And now they go,

You have to stop,

I hold you tighter than ever...

You lay me down,

You let me rest.

I've quit and left you crying,

You never complain,

You ease my pain,

You care for me when I am dying.

The End

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