You Can Be My Bonnie And I'll Be Your Clyde

A poem I wrote while back. I entered it in a contest on a forum and won. There is a lot of metaphorical language in this poem. Enjoy!

The wind whispers its gossip of the angry storm

With the harshest of howls

Or of its account of the hottest days

With the softest of whistles

But it won't speak of our humane sin:

We've absconded with each other's hearts


We're fugitives, you know

On the run from "you" and "me"

We threw love's dust in the eyes of you and me

And absconded, with fiery conviction, in the wake to become ''we''


The charges are endless:

We took time without its permission

We lied to the grand juries in our hearts,

The courts of conviction and passion,

Saying what we felt was not so

We stole each other hearts

We killed doubt on the point

When you and me became we

But no one knows besides us

And the wind won't testify in my favor or your's:

We're both fugitives

So set our sins to the wind

And let it gossip of the angriest of storms

And catcall the hottest of days

And know that it will never speak of our humane sins


I'll keep stealing me from me

If you keep stealing you from you

So we can always merge our stolen goods, evils

And remain ''we''

And if you ever feel the victim of this sin

This humane sin


I've stolen you as much as you've stolen me

The End

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