~You Can Be Free~

"Know ye no that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit..."

this being said why then do you...

 bleed,                                           doubt,

     starve ,                                                  fear,

           run,                                                           hurt...

Why are you:

         holding onto unforgiveness

    and still shutting people out??

         clinging to sinful natures

    and locking peacfulnes out??

your thoughts of...

    'can i do this,

        is it worth it,

        will it work out i the end??'

all this resistance you own is tugging hard at your soul and caging you in.

    why linger in the darkness..

       in the pit of dispair,

    when all around you  shining is Gods love, my dear...

you've not been given a spirit of fear,

    so there is no need to doubt,

the pain that you now endure can by your choice fade out.

        no need to run

    it'll never end that way...

you'll keep running back into the problem due to your double-minded ways.

    you can be free, if you so desire...

        but it will come at a price...

    you'll have to surrender your


          heart, soul, and mind...

             and NEVER take it back.......

The End

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