Don't come back

You've come a long way baby

with your virginia slims

and your ultraslims

you're passing us in suicide!


You're walking like ghosts down runways

in Twiggy's skeletal frame

looking sick and dejected

all for our pleasure


Escape to the dreamland of yogurt

and chocolate woozled kisses

you wish you could buy more of

because we still make more money


We can't buy your love

you're already paying for it

in wrinkle cream

and guilt for aging gracefully


On TV we know, the pictures show

I'd step past you for a car

you'd try to embrace my beer bottle

while wearing a bikini


Cannibalize your precious daughters

six years old strutting like Madonna

waving their bums

Beauty Pageant for some


And whisper and gossip

how ugly she looks

what a b*tch she was

Girl Power devoured


Sex and the City

is your new guidebook

choosing which man

to throw yourself after


You yelled at me "Don't come back!"

as you shoved me out the door

And no, so I won't come back, will not be back

until you can come forward


You've come a long way baby

drink yourself to death

because a shotgun's just not feminine

and who's going to clean up the mess?

The End

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