I gave you a ring but you didn't answer...

I gave you a ring but you didn’t answer

Probably because you weren’t sure yet

Because you’d loss so many chess games you

Remembered you never knew how to play

You were a boy play.

You play so much boy.


When you undid reason because you found something better to do

I knew that you weren’t my best friend…

But you were my hand in

The cookie jar cabinet locked where my hand shouldn’t have been in


I gave you a ring but you just didn’t answer and

Then I text you please damn you

but your lies were teardrops of wine

and I didn’t have any proof yet

even though my eyes were so wet my heart didn’t need any proof


you gave me a ring but I swear I couldn’t answer

because it’s all a timed guessing game

and I didn’t wanna be the weaker link

it was easier to pretend you weren’t cheating on me


when the reality was as stiff as gambling the rent

if you gave me a ring I should have said

hello on the phone… or marveled at my left hand


but instead I stared at the blank page and rambled about why my heart wants to suffocate my mind with the all-white featherdown comforter I just bought from target.

The End

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