and then what

God said to me

''Here you are:

A friend...''

So I looked,

And I said:

''Maybe not...

but thanks.

That friend

is too good -

not a friend

For me.''



But we met

and we laughed,

and we met

and we talked,

and we met

and we shared,

and we met

and I cared.


And I did

what I do,

and I pushed

too hard

and you did

that thing

where you pushed

me away.


And I thought


I tried

Too hard

As ever.

but I cried -

I did,

I cried.

for you touched

my soul

and where

you touched

is a deep,

deep hole

and I'm sorry.


My found-

lost friend

So sorry…


and then -


The End

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