you broke my button

you broke my button

you pushed it so much it was sore to touch and it angried up all it could muster and started turning red as warning red as radishes warm like we ravishing good mornings you decided to fall in love with my best friend, but please don't be mad at you?

no... no... i won't but YOU broke my button

we had a happy little chorus non anonymous we had a back door where we could go out to the porch and mull things over why didn't you take me on a walk and lalala we could have talk about the cloud overhead we had a rover range we had a baby doberman you had a sweet to touch but

you.... broke my button

wanna call it on accident. wanna say it can be fixed and that sorry puts it in perspective you swallowed your pride and you have excellent communication otherwise you talk a mean game of lies you such a crybaby in disguise for a nice guy when

you broke my button

it's um. it's broken. it's frozen stiff, it's irretrievably shocked and now when somebody else presses it they surely better knock too because YOU; you perfect obvious loser... you

broke my button



The End

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