You Broke Me

You hurt me.

You broke me.

You destroyed me.

But I still smiled enough to say “I Love You.”

You took my breath away.

You stole the joy from my life.

You crushed my dreams.

But I still laugh at your jokes.

You made me cry.

You made me want to die.

You ripped my heart from its cage.

But I still want to see you for even a moment.

You turned my friends against me.

You made my family ignore me.

You killed my happiness.

But all I want to do is talk to you all night long.

Your tricks fooled me.

Your smile scared me.

Your love tortured me.

But I still want to have my arms around you.

You looked me in eyes and said you`re sorry.

You forgave me for everything.

You cried and said you loved me.

You told me I was everything.

You smiled like you meant it.

You asked for forgiveness.

You were completely honest…

But it was too late, as your tear drops fell upon my coffin and I lay dead beneath.

You said I was your life.

You said you couldn’t live without me.

You said we would always be together, forever.

But I`m the one who lays breathless and killed by my own hands.

Suicide they say.

But when I look at it I see that…

You hurt me.

You broke me.

You destroyed me…

You killed me. </3


The End

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