you better run

the first time he did it, 

it was easy to hide.

The mark looked just like 

what emo kids tattooed upon their own skin.

No one questioned it.

The second time, I wasn't so lucky.

A purple bruise above my eye,

a mark upon my face.

After that, he was taken away.

Everyone thought I was safe.

But when he called, I still came

through hidden forest trails

upon the dirt I lay


as he ran the blade of his knife

across my breasts

fulfilling his masochistic desires

and my longing to be admired.

I cut myself so the scars he gave

were assimilated with my own.

No one would ever know.

And then one day I woke up and realized

I deserved a better life

and so when he summoned me to our haven of pain

I turned and ran the other way.

He never found me again.

It's been one and a half years now.

I've been sober of his hands

his weapons,

sober of wounds weeping crimson paint

upon the pale canvas of my skin.

And now, I have to face him in a week,

for he is coming out to see

his younger brother graduate

and I know he'll find me, 

the same way he did so many years ago.

I just pray I have the strength

to stand and tell him know.

What the world will never understand

is in the violence, I'm as equally at fault.

I never asked him to stop. 

The End

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