You became transparent

Remembering the times I always daydreamed about you
Colors were amazing, I always thought if you're just weed
Embracing the moments that were wonderful
Spending nights with just a pen, a paper and a heart full of you

Trying to figure out a name for you to be hidden
Making me smile without no effort in trying
Doing things that almost tried to kill me
Having these in my head makes me love you even more

Love, you make me take all the drugs in the world
Just for you to smile makes me profess my faith outside the hall
Hard to eat when you run through my head
You singing makes me kneel in front of a wall for no reason

I always try to dream about you with my eyes closed
But only with my eyes open
Moments of laughter with you
Hugs and happiness loops were always there

I did love you for no reason
But how come I want it to have a reason
Something's making me forget you and remember her from my dreams
I  love you but I need her

I don't know how I saw her when you were in front of her
Did I suddenly become taller?
Never did I look the other  way
But I saw her exactly where you were

Remembering the girl behind
Made me think every single second
Being focused on one thing made me ignore and forget you on purpose
I wished I just did forget, because you'll never remember

I wish to hold her hand and let go of yours
I wish to comfort her and let you cry with the one you love
I wish write poems on the wall to let it all out
I wish to be with the person who might actually remember what never came true

I want you to get out and leave
But I never wished to forget you
But I don't know why that
Again I must say, you are the person who turned transparent in the midst of it all

The End

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