This Time, Baby, I'll be

Bulletproof, but not aloof;
I'll sing and laugh, I'll dance and goof,
I'll play a song on a tilted roof,
But I'll never let you hurt me.

Scantily-clad, a little bit mad,
I'll never cry, I won't be sad,
I'll remind you of all the great times we've had,
And I know you'll never see.

The strain, the pain, the ache, the gain,
This heart of mine, that you'll never deign
to notice; and so I'll just remain
All alone, with you beside me.

Leave my soul in tatters, my heart won't shatter,
As one by one my dreams all scatter,
You won't have to ask me what's the matter,
Because this time, baby, I'll be...

The End

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