Your Pillow Feels so Soft Now, But Still You Must Advance

Wrapped in love like a duvet,
Lying on a mattress of security,
Encompassed in your arms-
An embrace never tight enough.
Your pillow so soft,
But not as soft as your skin,
Your hands, your loving gaze:
All cradling my head.
Your arms circle me,
Strong, protective,
But never quite strong enough-
They still don’t have the strength
To stop time.
They don’t have the strength
To keep me here,
And I can’t hold you longer,
So I’ll breathe you in instead.
I’d keep you if I could.
Keep you in the softness,
Away from all the pain.
But you must advance,
Must face the barrage
Of hard and sharp and harsh and cold.
The only softness you’ll have
Is sickly soft and smothering.
The only warmth suffocates.
It burns and withers.
And you can’t trust anything
Which doesn’t revel in harshness.
Kindness there becomes
Like trickery-
But I won’t trick you, darling,
And you know that.
Always know that.
You told me not to look,
Not to see what you would face,
But I thought I knew better-
Knowing is better than uncertainty.
You argued ignorance is bliss,
I said it was ignorance all the same.
I wanted you to understand
My need to see and know
Exactly what we were up against.
I can’t keep you from your dreams-
I wouldn’t if I could-
But if I could keep you here and safe,
I know now that I would.

The End

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