So If You Freeze Tomorrow, Come Back Lucky.

You should have guessed
How this would be.
Oh, she’s depressed?
It’s hard to see.
She covers well:
You wouldn’t know
If what she felt
Was all for show.
Frigid, icy,
Cold as a stone.
Looking dicey?
I might have known.
Shiver in cold
When in her wake.
She’s too controlled,
She’s all a fake.
No emotion,
No expression.
Strange new notion?
That’s depression.
The age-worn phrase.
Deep down she’s good,
It’s just a phase!
Your excuses
Just fool yourself.
You’re for her use:
Sat on a shelf.
So here’s my last,
It’s all I’ll say,
Go face the blast,
Last chance today-
No more feeling,
I wish you well,
When you’re kneeling
In frozen Hell.

The End

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