There's a Ghost In Me That Wants To Say I'm Sorry.

there's a gift inside of me that wants to give up

there's a rift inside of me that wants to say give me a break

there's a ruination that wants to pop the curtain rings

and sift from my hands all the color that was new

and unlearn the words I’m sorry

it wants to say, that no amount of falling will get you to appear again after death

as much as we want, the aliens have not landed and are not reaching their arms out to us

the crop circles have vanished with their riding lawnmowers and the smell of grass stains driven deeply into our denim knees and varicose veins


there's simply no empty space pulling me from the spiral

it says give back what you used already

or go back to the past and erase your body in the future


it's done putting my hands around waists or searching for the circumference

of the darkness

there’s something inside of me that keeps wanting to say


it wants to say that something something will happen in the future

and love me as much as empty space

pulls my eyes and lips apart and kisses me blindly

as an empty amphitheatre

The End

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