If You Came Back as the Deep Sea, I Would Come Back as the Salt

If you came back as rain
I’d be the place for you to land.
If you came back in pain
I’d be whatever you might need.
If you came back as paper leaves
I’d want to be the book to bind you.
If you came back as winter’s eves
I’d be there to shelter, clothe and feed.

If you came back as anything
I’d find my place with that:
I’d be happily accepting
So long as I’m with you again.
But I always struggle to cope
With the “if” in my promise
Because I need the hope
That what I truly mean is “when.”

I ‘m trying to keep in mind
That you haven’t even left yet,
That we have more time- though undefined
In length- before you have to roam.
I’d never try to make you stay:
A dream is a dream, and yours are mine.
So I hang my hopes each and every day
On the vision of you coming home.

You once promised me that you’d return;
That you had me to be careful for;
That you’d be selfish to let me yearn
For you in vain. Never to see you.
I trust you, darling, with all my heart,
But careful isn’t the same as safe-
I think we’ve both known from the start.
Though, darling, your promise still rings true.

If it meant I could have you as you are,
Or you didn’t need to leave at all,
I’d wish on every distant star
With pleading, desperate attack.
I’d guard you myself if I could
To keep you safe from everything.
So please, please, make your promise good
And please...Please... Just come back...

The End

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