You Are the Lightning

Why does lightning strike?

You are the lightning.
You arc across the sky and all turn to look
But as soon as they do
You’re gone.
And in your wake is the crashing thunder
That makes the weak-willed tremble.

You are the lightning
That signals a terrible storm
And makes mothers hide their children
In basements where you cannot frighten them
And they can coo lullabies that cover
The rolling thunder's moan.

You are the lightning
That with a vengeance lashes against the earth
But really, your power is only a measure of your desire
To be grounded in something worldly,
To end the fear that whatever you touch
Will burn.

I am the storm chaser.
I race across the county roads and follow your every move,
Praying for you to come closer
And knowing how dangerous that wish is.
But I am still there. 

I am the storm chaser
That protests you are not evil, not vicious,
But trapped in your own nature
And I have taken shots from you
And will continue to do so
Until all have learned: 

You are the lightning.
You do not arc to create fear
You do not signal a coming war
You are not filled with violence.
You are the lightning. 

And lightning just wants to be free.

The End

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