Mini Poems: MJ Songs

For forty days and for forty nights,

She was all I had,

He took my baby to dance to 3,

But I am the one!

Who will dance,

On the floor,

In the round,

She was more li

ke a beauty queen,

From a movie scene,

But the kid is not my son,


It's close to midnight,

Under the moonlight,

You try to scream,

But terror takes the sound before you make it,

You're paralysed!

You're out of time!

Cause this is,


Heal the World,

Make it a better place,

For you and for me,

The entire human race,

People are dying,

Only if you care enough for the living,

Make a better place,

For you and for me,

Heal the World.

Another day has gone,

I'm all alone,


Something whispers in my ear and says,

You are not alone,

I am here with you,

Though you're far away,

I'm here to stay,

Though you are not alone.

The End

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