My lips is full of lies 

My heart is overflowed with beasts

And in my mind it rain bad desires

Now my life is undefined

A life of whether of not define 




Smoking or what

Yet,satisfaction is not mine 

And in my mind “vengeance is the Lord “

What a life change

From bad to worse

Then from nowhere between somewhere and good bye

It was a cause

A cause of my rediscovery

A rediscovery of him

Oh yes, Him of Heavens

In your presence I have rediscovered my name

A name hidden so long under the cry of separation

I have rediscovered a lighter tone of voice 

A rediscovery of eyes no longer deem with pain 

And the silhouette of my shadows 

Has opened the tune of grace to me 

Beyond rains of yesterday

I have found love 

Love no one could ever give to me in the days of yesterday

Long years in sufferings and pain of yesterday with not of today

But with today 

I have, found 



And Love

In your presence I have rediscovered

Memories of your blood

And the tongue of bliss round my days 

Days shining with brighter new joy

In your presence I have rediscover

The End

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