I'm so paid for

I am always what I am 

But I never like my desears 

My thoughts always

Rule my concern

All because I see it normal

Step and time

Tells my worse

I, sometimes see

I lack attitude

Character have I dance with 

But non of the song of the society

Accepted the step of my dance

What have I not get

Wealth or what

Yet am seen nobody

Accept me as I am 

For tomorrow maybe you

And yours might be far different from mine

I’ve never decided to act this way

If you ask me

I don’t know, it just happens

But human in society

Never understand

Till I was told

I was born of pot of gold

A white gold they said to me

That am from a rich royal home

And I never understand them a bit 

Also they told me 

Is because of me 

And my inequities

That a rightful hand man

Died, just to pay my dept

There it was enough for me 

To put down my black cloth

And step out of darkness

Now I know you are there for me

I turn my eyes and heart 

All to Him of Heavens 

I’m so paid for….

The End

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