My eyes on you

This writings are writings to praise and to ask for His protection that His love and mercy endures forever...

I cry out to the heavens with my voice

My eyes beyond the skies

My tears overflowed with water

Grant me your ears to my cries

And do not hid yourself from my humble request 

Attend the o me, and hear me 

Have mercy also upon me,

And answer me

I am restless in my compliant,

Because of the voice of my enemy

Because of the thought of the wicked

For they wash trouble upon me

Be merciful to me, o’Heavens

For they would swallow me up

Rescue me and deliver me from

The hands of  foreigners

Shoot out your arrow and destroy all them 

Here my cry

Father of host,

Hear my prayer, O’ Heavens 

My eyes are upon you

In you I take refuge

Cause me to hear your

Lovingkindness in the morning,

For in you do I trust

Cause me to know if he way

In which I should walk, 

For I lift up my soul to you 

Bring my soul out of prison,

That I may praise your name

I will extol you, my father

And I will bless your name forever and ever

For in you I take shelter 

Answer me speedily, I’ Heavens

In your righteousness, answer me 

And in your faithfulness

Lead me in the land of uprightness

For I am your servant

Answer me

The End

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