You Are My AwesomesauceMature

I had this massive fight with some people in a forum one evening and so many people stuck up for me I almost cried. So I wrote this dedicated to them :)

You, bitch, started on me for no reason

What did I ever do or say to you?

You persistent little fuck, get going

And then you two jump in and start defending me

I feel like I could fly

You've both only known me for a couple of days

Yet you stick up for me like we've known each other forever

Then the third jumps in and calls on the troops

The troops that have probably never even heard my name

Everyone swarms you because you're a nasty bitch

Even your seriously shit grammar offends

I realise I'm not alone in this and I'm supported

We laugh, we have fun, we even cry together

We troll the pages and scream and fight

But in the end, trollers unite

Then you show up, all pig-headed and narrow-minded

Sore cause you got rejected by a curvy girl, right?

You're nothing but a sad little boy who thinks he has a girlfriend

When all he has is a pole

Then the fucking Redneck inbreeds start up


Whatever, man, we don't really give a damn

While the Rednecks rant looking like a cross between man and woman gone wrong

The narrow-minded dicks keep going

We stop the ranting by saying this:


They run as fast as their legs can go but the others just don't stop

Please, dude, you're not affecting me in any way at all

Get a life

Grow some balls

Talk to someone about these anger issues

Then a vane bitch says "ur vile" and calls herself perfect

Love, you could be a model – one for the RSPCA, bitch

We keep going and going

Keep it up, darling, your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory

Ego-tripping bitch, go put on some more make-up and hair dye

I'm like Darth Vader to the Haters

Standing on a hill of dead bitches and dead dicks

My gun in one hand and my bra and heels in the other

I might not be perfect but I'm perfect for someone out there

Sure, it's not you

I'd rather let you live just so you can get old and fat

And age more than Katie Price between Botox appointments

While I'll be standing proud, laughing at your misery

I'm on top of the world compared to you

Bitch, please, find someone who actually cares

Haters give me strength

The End

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