You are loved by meMature

You are loved by me


The motel says No vacancy

The manager lets me lie on the couch

Stay for a spell

Until my coke can emptiness down my throat and fills my veins with sugar

I can tell he wants to fuck me

He looks at my legs too long

But he`s the type of man who doesn`t know when a woman is cold

I`m so bone wearingly cold

My arms embracing my chill

Burying my need

I want you to know through all my placidity a heart still beats.

Eyes still rove and hands can become restless in my pockets



You are loved by me

Your kindness pulls me in every time

You inspire me to feel it all

Fall into the shadows

To live with hallowed out ribs

You are loved by me

I feel like I`m in a cure song

Flawed to the core

Tripping through the night

Tight lipped but dying to smile inside

You are loved by me


I leave the manger to his lecherous thoughts

And drive to my mother`s grave

I wonder if this is the life she planned for me?

I’ve seen every face of love

Even only for a glimpse

All I feel like is a witness

Mother Mary give me a sign

I don’t know my design, I just know I feel




I drive to a rest stop

And lie restlessly in my car

I want to drive all night

Until I find some trace of humanity

Sometimes you feel you could die, if you slept alone

So I sleep with my thoughts

Waking heavy with a dream still in my eyes



The End

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