You Are Human

so one day i chipped a nail.


like a nail deprived of vitamin e

precious tocotrienols

splinters of keratin

like dry fragments of broken dreams

a friendly reminder of sin

at our fingertips

disorganized chains of protein

and lost desires

scrape against chalk boards like your remote screams



your wings paint a thousand chromatic fires

and you fly

along migrant cardinal directions

a monarch’s crown sits atop your delusions of grandeur

beautiful only from a

comfortable distance

a felony, identity theft

closer inspection reveals a grotesque reality

and hubrisit’s ugly



is a reflection of tired silica dubiously fused

with tiny shreds of your hopes

you rip its framework

destroy synthetic fibers of “i am” in desperation

to search for dirty patches of


woven like a quilt of lies you lay

down quietly on a liar’s bed

of which no dove’s feathers may relinquish peace



home to arms of ebony waste

you submit with absolution from self-destruction

to stain your tongue with poison

and paint your failures over iron rusted by acidic tears

yearn for a chemical reaction

send throngs of parasitic affection down your parched throat

cestodas replace strangled heart valves

to force instead a toxin disguised as love into your veins

it consumes you



intricate circuitry tangled like a piano’s dusty strings

a note is hastily struck

to conduct a symphony of confusion and despair

among measures of unrestrained dopamine

your smiles are imagined

lacrimation burns rivers

of exhausted ingenuity

and nonsense syllables like a foreign dialect

security fractures into radiant slivers



buckets of ink rain down from your wrist

a thick clot of “done”

with a story principled by twisted mechanics

metaphors estrange comfort

like black calligraphic threats over crushed layers of papyrus

your syntax is a white flag stained crimson


a novel composed of cursive scars on each internal organ

your end game chokes on comprehension


you are



The End

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