You Are Equal

I thought I would try something different when I started writing this poem.

Instead of approaching it the usual way, I sung the words. The whole poem was sung, and that is why it doesn't rhyme in a typical way, and the changes in style ( bold etc etc ) is to try represent the changes in notes and the seriousness of the tone, at the moment.

Italics representing softer notes, and bold representing stronger ones. The two combined represent a semi serious tune.

We will never ever stand down.

We will never ever back down.

We will,

We will,

Claim that kings crown. 

We will stand up,

and fight the king!

We will stand tall,

and beat the Queen!

For no longer... 


Will we be suppressed, by the majority rest. 

We will,

We will,

Start a...

revolutionary war,

one that shall knock,

on the governments door! 

No more mercy, no more votes. 

No more love, no more hope. 


and the Royals,

the ragged,

and the toiled

This will be, 

This will be...

Communism built up from the roots 

A tree constructed on common suit. 

No more uneven horrid ground.

We all live with an equal crown. 

You are not better

You are not worse

You are equal




The End

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