'You are consuming me like a fire'

Sometimes my characters write poems. Have one.

You are consuming me
like a fire
and I cannot gouge these thoughts of you out of my mind
no matter how many scalpels I break
on the stony walls of my skull.
You are an ocean:
constant and steady and sure.
When I close my eyes and hide from you,
my ears are filled with the evidence of your existence
and the cool breeze still touches my face.
Even though your presence to me
is the annoying itch of seventeen mosquito bites in late July,
I still sit outside every night and watch for stars.

I have fallen in love with a forest fire
and I know I will end up burned

but majesty like mountains demands recognition,
and your eyes hold all the days from May to August,
and your smile is why the birds sing.

You are consuming me
like a fire
&it hurts
and I can't tear my eyes from you to look at anything else

(&it hurts)

I will never ask,
but I need to know.
Do I consume you?
Do I consume you?
Do I consume you?

The End

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