you are all the more beautiful for your scars, and you are strong and you can do this

there is beauty in our scars

i promise

in the 
we survived, 
we survived

the ring around my ankle that was so swollen from a snapping rubber band 
that it became a permanent pale red reminder

the scars on the place where my hips connect to my stomach

and they are ugly, 
obnoxiously so, 
companions to knee-scrape scars and inner-thigh stretch marks 

but we are alive 
we are alive and your scars are beautiful

because you are here and material and yes, you have the proof 
you carry evidence of your struggle every day that you live

and i am astoundingly proud of you for it

because you're here
and you made it 
and maybe you've only won a battle
haven't won the war yet 

but i have faith in you more than i ever did in anything else 
and i believe you can do it if the time comes that you decide it is worth it

and it will be hard
and it will be miserable

but i promise, 
as someone beginning to fight their way to the other side, 
it is worth it. 

and i'm here. 
and i believe so strongly in you. 

so believe in yourself, 
in the beauty of the marks you carry

of what they represent

because you've made it this far - 
your scars are the love notes your problems leave on your body 
but they are also trophies

and your trophies they shall be. 

The End

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