Empty Stares, I No Longer CareMature

Brown eyes flood with crimson,

Staring deep into my mind and soul,

No secrets can be hidden,

Though my own eyes keep their blue-grey empty gaze.


Almost telepathic,

Messages scarred and engraved into my mind and heart,

Like a brand burnt into metal,

A tattoo, a scar I wear with resilient hatred,

And disturbingly compulsive pride.


I lie that nothing hurts me now,

I confidently swear that I don't care,

Don't give a damn about anyone else anymore.


But one stare, one soul-destroying  stare,

Is nails being driven into my heart,

Crimson flows through the layer of ice,

Suddenly I have reason to care.


Then all it takes is another sort of stare,

Then I know that I'm worthless, dead to you.

Everything in this cruel, dying world,

Loses its meaning, value and once again,

I no longer care.



The End

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