You Are A Rusting NightmareMature

Gradual Suicide

Gently fading, blurring, greying,

The future rots,

Hearts solidify to silver,

And tarnish,

In a rash of blood-coloured rust.


Stitches, piercings, snake-bites leak,

Crimson-black droplets seep through,

I pay for your affection with my own blood,

A velvet dusting of suffocated pain,

Smothered like a blue-white flickering flame.


Talons bruise and welt my wrists,

In a pulse-killing grip of death.

Sometimes I die when you tell me I'm worthless,

But I rise again when you need a slave of sorts,

To shed blood to fulfill your twisted fantasy.


You only need me,

When you need something to destroy.

Tear me apart,

Kill me slowly,

A poison to deaden my tangled emotions.




The End

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