You are a Poet


If you can love 
And, later, find your head
If you can fail
And still look back to reflect
If you can write love poems
And still say you don't know anything about love
And write love songs
And still work a 9 to 5 job

If you can state the truth 
By using metaphors
If you can lay your secrets in plain sight
On cardboard floors
If you can stay home from war 
And still put up a fight 

If you can lose your head
And help your strangers find theirs 
And become a grown up
But still get excited about fairs

If you can write about anything
Even the stuff you don't know 

And scream your emotions 
Silently at the floor

If you can read George Orwell
And kiss Dr. Seuss goodnight

If you can gaze at the daisies 
During the cold winter frights
But still come home 
With words to relight
If you can speak about it that WAY
While your sister speaks about it like THAT
And sit at the window still
Speaking to the  cat
If you can kill a spider
And pray it into its grave 
Then you are a poet 
And let God bless you brave

The End

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