you and me, we're unbreakable, unshakeableMature

tell me we didn't beat the odds
even though we all know we'll end up alone eventually
because people like us crash and burn
and all i can do is wait for the push-away

and you curl your hand around mine, 
say "pale twins" in that co-conspirator sort of voice,
the lilt of it twining a tone of just kidding 

and i don't cry, i don't cry, i don't cry

you toss your hair over your shoulder 
laugh so fucking bright with teeth as white as crisp hospital sheets 
and i swear i can see the sun on your lips 
as you snicker about the flush crawling its way across my cheeks
because of the cute girl who bumped my shoulder a minute ago

and maybe i'm a little scared of being alone

because i don't know how to exist without you 
your overspilling enthusiasm 
and the drip of curls over the curve of your collarbones

have always been the safest place for me to be. 
you are home and i don't have very many homes anymore

and all i want 
is to not hurt you, 
to keep you in the warm empty space inside my ribcage
where my heart should be. 

The End

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