The Sin of LoveMature

I listen to you sing. Hidden watching as if it was a sin,
For your beauty is so beautful. I wish we were not kin,

I enter the room like a bird. On the wings of love,
You sit praying by the alter. Wishing for the peace of a dove,

Such a little princess. Everybody wants you now,
I wish I knew how to earn you. Tell me, please, how?

The way you look at me. Just after that simple question,
Have I made a mistake? Was it too much of a surgestion?

You will not close the door on me. I claim you as my girl,
I am not sick or ill. I'd buy you anything even an expenssive pearl,

I left you locked at home today. I hope you werent to mad,
As I enter you plead to me. 'Oh please stop, dad',

I am not your father. How dare you think of me like that?
A slap across your cheek should do it. A beer in my hand I sat,

You look at me with eyes so sad. I shout at you to stop,
You leave me alone but later. I find you shoving a knife through your top,

Oh gosh, theres so much blood. What a mess you made,
I throw you out the window. I guess the ground didn't like how much you weighed.

The End

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