You and Me and Me and YouMature

These will be mainly romantic based poems or relationship based ones. They will all include metaphors.

A Sparrow in my hand

A sparrow in my hand. You joined me a moment ago,
Harbouring your eyes. So cold. So alive.
Why do you want to leave me? No! Don't flap your wings

                                                                you broke one as you fell,
I know you think I don't understand you. A cold heart,
How can I be with so much love? I express it to you

                                                                        everyday I might add,
You caw at me. Such a harsh way to talk to the one who loves you,
I demand respect. Your gratitude. I help you day

                                                                          and night,
Even when my fingers feel so numb and my eyes so heavy,
I dream of the sleep I will never get. You are trying again

                                                                           to flap your wing,
You knows its usless. So why do you try?
I don't understand. Just a sparrow in my hand.

The End

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