You and Me

This is one of the worst poems I have written but I don't care. This is all I can think about right now.
Feelings at the time: lost, hurt, angry, sad, alone.
Constructive criticism is welcome.

Pictures of you, stuck in my mind,

Like destinies, engraved in time.

Memories of you, I can’t leave behind,

So I get it all out in this rhyme.


A flashback starts inside my head,

Only it ain’t true, cuz I am dead.

I see you crying inconsolably,

And I see u hugging a picture of me.


But then my pleasant nightmare ends,

And I hear your voice leaving me,

This will of god, I try to bend,

But you go far away from me.


I’m standing here helplessly,

Wishing you would just stop and come to me,

But still you keep telling me,

No, you would never love me.


You tell me you just wanna be friends,

And this is where this conversation ends.


I know I love you and you love me,

The whole world knows, why don’t you see.

I belong with you and you belong with me.


I guess my tale of love won’t ever come true,

I hope that idiot knows he’s lucky to have you.


I’ll never regret knowing you,

Cuz, well, I’ll always love you.

The End

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