You and I Should Ride The Coast

Remeber the day we caught the train?
It was never the start
A change of heart, maybe
But I know
We were too young and blind to see
That I'd end up sat on the train; a passenger
A stranger to what we could've had.
We rode the coast
But you smashed the solid rock over my brighter day
Write another song to capture my pain
If every time I wanted you, I could go home
Ride the coast with you, step into the sky, why
I'd never stop
I guess I can't anyway, though
Or I wouldn't know what it's like to be sad.
Maybe it's time to let go for a while, stop counting the days I've missed
Don't you want those days?
No. I'm just a passenger. This isn't right.
I know you, and I shiver inside. Do you even see
That it was never the start
Was there ever an end? It was your change of heart
I'll wait for another now, so that I can have
The taste of smoke on your breath when we wind up in our favourite coats.
Step through the door and this empty gray will transform
Be a golden June again
Or a fluster of snow and the firelight on your back
I guess I'll have to content myself
With the memories
When things are getting wild.
I guess I'm just not the kind of girl
Not the sort you can see in your world
Just a passenger; a stranger to all the things I could've had.
I'll sit all alone, let it hold me down
Hope I roll my lucky number so that you'll hear
"You and I should ride the coast"

Don't you remember the day we caught the train?

The End

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