you and I

there are some things we wish for,

and don't want

when you see a shooting star

and breathe a dream,

all the while praying it's a satellite 

so the truth will be lost in abyss of the night.

Because the truth is some fantasies

can only be fantasies, uncontaminated by the facades

of this bloodied reality.

Because sometimes, we don't really want to know

what comes next,

like gazing into a crystal ball,

hoping for a clouded mess,

it's easier to imagine.

It's prettier to guess.

For the universe only presents us

with tasks we are capable of conquering.

And I'm not ready,

for you and I, you and I,

oh my darling, don't you cry.

Tomorrow, I fly.

I thought, for a moment, about seeking you out

but knew without a doubt

it would break what remains of we

and beauty beneath my blood,

my heart still pounds, my skin bumps at the mention

of your name.

You and I, you and I,

when it's time, it will be right,

but now, I'm wishing on a satellite

that I'll meet you again on the edge of forever

with the weeping sea beneath our feet.

You always told me you loved heights,

because everything is, and you just are,

but I was never brave enough to go that far.

I heard from a friend you were murmuring my name,

wondering if I was still okay,

sweet lovee, your dreams weren't lost amongst the stars,

a country is not that far.

It's just not time yet for these skies to fall,

for I know neither of us will come when the other calls.

They may see us waving from such great heights


You will never be forgotten, my gentle friend,

but for now, let's not remember

lest we fall off the edge.

The End

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