You and I

Baby I've been thinking so much

about us. About this relationship that

we have. I've tried so hard to make

it work, but I have notice you haven't

done a thing to make it right.

I just wanna let you know to wake

up and open your eyes. Can't you see

there has never been any us.

You and I are falling apart like rose

petals. I believe in us and I know we

can do this. We can be great together and

make it last forever.

But baby there is no us. You and I do

not exist and now I feel that our love

is less each day that passes by. Baby

look at me, cant you see there is no

you and I.

I have tried and can't denied, there is

no lie. I can't be anymore by your side.

I'm tired of the games that you've been playing,

is not the same. I love you so but I can't take it

anymore, and this is why I must go... I love you!

The End

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