Some things you just can't change.

Your absense is the prominent part of my life
And Inside I'm no longer whole
The emptiness tore aprat my world
And destroyed the light in my soul

One moment I think I have your heart
Then the next you give it away
I've tried and I've tried to give up the feelings
But I live off the words that you say

So today I'll say I don't love you
And tomorrow I'll say I don't care
But next week I'll clutch my empty chest
Knowing your heart should be there

I need you more than I'd let you know
Cause I can't word it myself with a clue
I've cried to have you so many times
But it doesn't make the dream come true

And I'll miss your eyes that had me hypnotised
And your kiss that sent me high
But I know in my heart you don't miss these things
So I guess this must be goodbye

The End

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