I wrote this story for my friend, she was having some guy trouble.

Wake up in the morning,

Your on my mind

From running through my dreams;

They make me blind.

So do the thoughts I have of you,

in everything I ever do.


The blindness is nice while it lasts,

but then its gone, I see a mass:

a mass of what was.

a heart

a soul

a life, of me.


You ripped it out

you threw it down

It was nothing to you


You did not care;

you were not there;

I was just a tool to you;


You used me and was done;

left me with nothing,

the nothing i have to fix,

to fix who I am;


You still go through my mind,

 but I can see now;

I see the chaos that happens with you around;


You have no place in my heart,

getting back on track; this is my good start.

The End

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