Is it you?

In a quiet and drafty place I smell the sweet scent of gardenia, and immediately I'm extremely interested if it's you.

The timing is all wrong, there are no footsteps that I can hear....and yet the feelings I have are the familiar ones that invisibly embrace me when it's you.

Why wouldn't you have come before now? Things are still, and  I'm without the light. I'm stricken...for a flash of fear falls over me like a cold it you?

I wait here on bated breath pausing only for a second. With the hair standing hard and tall on the cape of my neck my heart beats so fast I feel my body pulsing along.

I can't its to difficult to imagine. But if it were, would this be it? Have you come for me? Have you come to flood my body and soul and then leave slowly like the sun?

Why can't I tell if it's you? I always felt that same soft touch, breathed in deeply that smell because it was you and I held that so extremely sacred.

I lay back looking into the cool blue changing from day to night. The tenderness eases me. My eyelids feel  full as they hold all the tears....until that one falls, and stains my cheek.

Is it you?

The End

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