The Ocean's SirenMature

You appeared majestically like the ocean’s appointed siren, lost amidst the waves

Staring at me so silent

Your eyes look at me with hidden violence

A hideous heart never seemed so filled with kindness


I close my eyes to open locked away portals

And live for tomorrow in my soul

Chasing my loving inferences I cross the burning valley

To find the beauty in my beast



Burn me with your sacred waters

Drawn to drown in your fires

I open the gates before the dawn and live for tomorrow in my soul


You hold the keys to the rusted cage, called the muse, unlocks

At a distance, the fools pack the image of me and infect it like mutated chicken pox

In boxes labeled A to Z, which I couldn’t take anymore

And by breakage of order, stopping fates clock.


You are the ocean’s angel

Burning in water

I’m drawn to your fires

Where my selective amnesia takes hold


So baptize me, oh sacred hidden future

So bright as the fires of a thousand dying suns

Consume me in your experiences that fill my lungs

The fountain of youth catching me in your hold


So I come to thee for a rejuvenation

Siren of the seas that engulf my heart once frozen to the core now enflamed with your illumination

Oh siren of the seas you now guide my dreams to higher levels of belief


I take those first steps toward her

A dream once told me

“Take a chance to see my daughter”

I follow the path

No matter where it leads,

Soon to home, I shall be.




The End

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