It Wasn't In My Plan

It wasn’t in my plan

To have to let you go

It was too much change

To up and quit the show

It may have been for the best

To do what you chose

It may have been for the worst

To enact those final blows

It still kills me inside

To think that you don’t care

It still hurts so much

To hear my weak heart tear

It haunts my every memory

To the point of my breakdown

It haunts my every thought

To cause my brain to drown

It feels so unnatural and wrong

To not hear your sweet, soft voice

It feels so completely unreal

To think you made that choice

It doesn’t feel like a plan

To deal with this whole path

It doesn’t feel like an option

To face love’s piercing wrath

It wasn’t a bright idea of mine

To decide to let us die

It was some idea of yours

To decide it was our time

It’s all fine, I suppose

To end before it’s too late

It’s all okay, I guess

To stop before the date

But I wish you to understand

One thing before we close

That it wasn’t in my plan

To have to let you go

The End

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