Ignorant Bliss

How do I make sense of this

When I am living in ignorant bliss

And I have put all my trust in you

So I don't know if this could be true

But what I wouldn't be able to take

Is you believing that we are fake

Because we aren't exactly a pair

So perhaps I'm not being quite fair

But all the same I question this spiel

I wish I knew how you really feel

I guess there's more I wouldn't be able to stand

The prospect of you holding another's hand

And I know it's likely I'm just worried

So there's not really any reason to hurry

But I'm still scared because of the past

And I fear that I'll end up twice aghast

And it shouldn't take long for you to see

That you are indeed too far away from me

Maybe you'll think we're not worth the fight

Despite how I'm trying with all my might

I'm sure you've got plenty of options there

I guess I can pretend I don't even care

If you would tell me how things really are

Then maybe I wouldn't take it this far.

The End

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