My Feet In The Sand

My feet in the sand

As I walked next to you

Witnessing things I don't 

See every day, that time

there finally, with you

I remember the way

You talked with your hands

And the beauty of your smile

Your voice is still ringing

Reverberating the walls of my head

But I have no reason to forget

Your face I still picture 

As it cycles through my veins

Reluctantly, there came a time

For the goodbye so we

Embraced and I felt glad

I wasn't standing for fear

That I would surely collapse

And how you looked at me

I just about died, I fumbled

And stuttered, trying to find

Reason for the insanity

So I exited the car, that look

You gave  filing into me

Like everything else, like

My feet in the sand.

The End

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