Just a Passing Glance

Far too long since I last saw your face

Memories of you threaten to be erased

Is it fate, is it God that keeps us apart

Or were we just screwed from the start

I wish I could hear you say my name

I wish this didn't feel like such a game

We're both losing a battle we cannot win

Hurting ourselves where we hide our feelings in

We'll see each other in a month or two

Though it won't be the same, that much is true

But if I see your face and hear your voice

Before then, maybe we'll have a choice

Maybe then this won't feel like too much

Maybe then I won't feel out of touch

Will you then think we're worth a chance

Or not even bother me with a passing glance

Later will I still be inside your head

Or will you just think of us as dead?

The End

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