shall i compare you to a dream, for in truth there is nothing else i can compare thee to for if i were to say you were like any thing of this world would would be doing thyn beauty a disservice and i am not keen upon doing such atrocity upon the world. for nothing in the world can compare to thyn smile witch dwarfs a thousand of our suns or your hair that when the blackest raven flys above your luscious head it goes back to its perch to morn for it longs for the day that it may see it again. for the sea is put to shame for its laughter is drowned out by the beauty of yours and the entity that is you is both wonderful and horrible for the time i am with you is the best that ever was but the i am gone i would prefer suffer a thousand painful deaths that ever leave your side even if just for a moment. but as for the man that stops you from gracing this world form you glory he should be tried in for the most horrible crime that can be give to a man that of destroying the sun and ridding the world of its eternal light such as you are to me the sun is to the world.  

The End

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