The three things I've longed for

and been shown by



Teach me that meaning

of Affection that I thought I'd



Respect for others as well as me,

Honourable intentions, without hope of being noticed,

and a Kindness that shines like humble Charity:

the three most desirable qualities

of which and much, much more

you are the epitome.


I'd say I love you more

than you love me

but that's not the truth

for you have the greater capacity to love

and I don't mind feeling inferior

when the superior one is you.


You provide the Profoundness,

Intensity and

Overwhelming amount of love

that I've so often dreamed of,

so I'm gratified

on a deeper level

as well as awed by your character.


Are you sure that you're not a prince from a distant land?

Are you sure you're not from fiction, a world which I adore?

Are you sure that you're not magical, or hiding a dragon somewhere?

And finally, can you confirm that you're not a figment of my



Yes, you tell me

and my thoughts are drowned out

by the thudding of my heart.

You take my hands in yours,

Caress them lightly, treat

them like jewels,

and you gaze intently

into my eyes.


Before four eyelids close, you say

"I love you."

Then all vision stops.


Lips brush

to the sound of joy.

The End

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