You & the Used

It is not written


That I should feel the guilt I’m feeling in

This murmur nearly constant

Where my mind is always reeling and

My heart is never silent, absent


Why forget your fathers and

Why forsake your husbands?

He never spoke the truth, of course

He said he does—He doesn’t

Were you meant to judge the world?

Forgive me, but I wasn’t


I let lying dogs keep lying so

My ridicule is harmless, dormant

I do not care for biased advice

Nor ask you if I should, shouldn’t

You believe I’m foolish and

I’ve never truly been a woman, for

I am not so sensible: to

Bear the grace the title warrants


But you are able bodied and have

Done the things I haven’t, couldn’t

Touch the path of purity with

No mind for this violent torrent

Work your way along my spine and

Hurl me toward a boiling tangent

Pride will leave me battered while

I scream at you with mad abandon

Yes, he lied about it all! —Don’t

You think I know he doesn’t?

You were born to get it right

Forgive me, but I wasn’t

The End

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