a fire

there was a fire

i hurry, hurry down the stairs and into the corridor.

i call out to the nurse, or whoever who will answer me

i am burning, i want to scream and scream from

inside, some kind of help, but I ache too much.

there was a fire. i saw it with my own eyes. i felt it burn

me, tear out my insides. i started it. i ended it

there was a fire. i tried to scream. i was locked inside

the building. i was the fireman

i was the rescuer. i was getting rescued

i was every particle of ash left behind

i was the dead husband and the dead wife. i was the smell of life burning out, inside and outside

which one were you? an old man listening to me asks

make up your mind, he says.

he is being patient with me, but he’s insane. which one am i?

i am in pain, i answer. i am screaming inside. what does it matter?

  there was a fire

The End

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