Dedicated to RiverTalker


I take notice of what RiverTalker said

For if I don’t he’ll cut me de... cold

If he tells me, “No rhymes,”

I won’t waste my ti...hours

I won’t count my syllables or measure my lines


I’ll write on past the point where I should have stopped and continue as long as I want because why not?

Poetry free-form

Is free from rules

Not like what I learnt at

Take that rhyming couplet and fling it out the door

Iambic pentameters I’ll learn to abho...seriously dislike

Why, even blank verse will leave me cold

Sonnets – yuk – I tell you I’m not so...convinced.

I’ll give up rhythm

It’ll be hard, but I know I can do it.

I lose it by accident often enough.

Dactyls – I never knew what they were anyway.

Sounds like some kind of dinosaur to me.

The End

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